Russell Elder, 72, of Mount Nugent, Chesham, completed his 365th spin class at Fitness4Less in Amersham Road, Chesham, on Wednesday, December 10.

Mr Elder started at the begging of the year and was doing about two to three classes every day, apart for a couple of weeks in April when the spin studio was closed for refurbishment.

After his 365th 45 minute spin class, his fellow spinners and gym staff threw Mr Elder a party and presented him with a t-shirt and cake.

Mr Elder, who had not done spinning before, had been quite ill and had scarred lungs and a blood clot, but he said all the spinning helped clear it up and he is now fitter than ever.

He added: “It’s been fantastic, it’s a tremendous crowd here and it’s a really good social event. It’s been very tough at times but it’s been worth it. I’ve really enjoyed it and I’ll keep it up. I’d recommend it to anyone, it’s absolutely fantastic.”

The grandfather said next year he is aiming to do 400 classes and hopes to do it for charity.

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Gym manager Iain Duncan is impressed by Mr Elder’s achievement.

He said: “Russell is a bit of a legend in these parts. 365 spin classes at the age of 72 is not bad! It’s just fantastic, I’m amazed by what he’s done. I’ve been in the industry 27 years and I’ve never known this done before.

"I’m 46 and he puts me to shame. I’m an ex-professional rugby player so exercise isn’t a problem, but sometimes I’ll teach five or six spin classes in a week if I’m covering for other people and I’m struggling, so I don’t know how Russell did two or three a day. He’s an example to anyone he sits back and says I can’t do that, he’s a real legend.”