Getting to work every morning is one of those tasks that most of us do without thinking. For those of you who regularly use the Metropolitan Line train stations of Chesham and Amersham, here are some things you might have missed.

The stations are Victorian and retain many of their original architecture, but we dug a little deeper to show you some things you might not have known about your local station.


Straight off the bat, Chesham is interesting. The single platform station is the only one on the 'Chesham branch' of the Metropolitan Line and it is the furthest north and furthest west of any London Underground Station.

It retains many of it's original features including the wooden entryway which is part of the reason it was awarded Grade II Listed status.


Now a metropolitan railway terminus, the line actually used to carry on well into the heart of Buckinghamshire to Aylesbury and beyond. There was even talk of extending the line to aylesbury but in the mid 20th century the services were all scaled back.

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