There must have been a few sore heads this morning (Tues) as Beaconsfield saw its first ever gin festival hit the town.

Organisers hailed the event as a success as revellers enjoyed a huge number of exciting activities over the course of a week.

The brainchild of Drinkwell Bars - which runs The Swan pub in London End and the Treehouse bar in Aylesbury End - the gin-cident took place from May 23 to May 30.

Junipalooza - as it was known - saw more than 300 different types of gin for people to choose from, along with a pop-up cinema, live music events and gin tastings.

Managing director of Drinkwell Bars, Laurie Othen, said the drink mixing masterclasses and a launch night held on Saturday (May 28) for a world exclusive new gin were his particular highlights, for which he had ‘lots of good feedback’.

“It went exceptionally well,” he said. “I’m really pleased. For the most part the weather held up.”

Mr Othen said he was excited about people being able to explore different gins and being able to find out about things they would not have normally done.

He said it was ‘very positive’ and there was a ‘really good atmosphere’.

He added: “For me seeing new faces and seeing people trying and experiencing lots of different things was the most positive part for me.”

And he hopes to see the festival return to become an annual event: “At the start of the week the aim was to set it up, expand it, bring it more into the community and get more people involved and attract more people into the town.

“We did something that was very successful but there’s room to make it a bigger community event and that will be my goal for next year.”