Charlotte Gallagher has always been obsessed with romance novels. After growing up in Little Chalfonts, she has become a busy actor but still finds the time to grab a romance novel whenever possible.

"A good romance novel compels you to keep reading to the end", she told us in an interview on the eve of her first show at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festive.

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Charlotte's Edinburgh Fringe debut, everyday from 4-28 August at 3.55pm at Spotlites, venue 278

In her shows she portrays Carlotta de Galleon, a fantastical yet unpublished, almost-author of romance novels.

Touching on issues like love, feminism and being a grown up, Charlotte has captivated her Edinburgh audiences as she has done before at the Camden Fringe and elsewhere.

The audience also has a part to play in the show, as with their help, Carlotta finally creates her first romance story.

Carlotta de Galleon - A Fool for Love will be showing every day from 4-28 August at Spotlites, Venue 278 at 3.55pm.