What do you get if you pit four comedians against a town mayor?

You get an episode of Taskmaster you can’t afford to miss.

With the second series of the popular comedy show Taskmaster currently airing on Dave, viewers in Chesham might want to keep an eye out for a familiar face on Tuesday next week as last year’s Mayor of Chesham Cllr Peter Hudson takes a starring role.

For the unitiated, Taskmaster sees host Greg Davies and creator Alex Horne devise wickedly tricky challenges for four contestant comedians to attempt to complete.

In this series of the programme the contestants are Doc Brown, Joe Wilkinson, Jon Richardson, Katherine Ryan and Richard Osman.

In the episode airing on July 5, one of the tasks is entitled Impress This Mayor and the mayor in question is none other than Cllr Hudson as the episode was filmed before his term of office finished in May.

Mayor Cllr Peter Hudson is the mayor contestants need to impress

Eagle-eyed viewers of the channel may already have spotted him in previews for the show.

But you’ll have to tune in next Tuesday at 10pm to see what happens but host Greg Davies has been quoted as saying it is his favourite task of the season.

Other tasks include throwing a potato into a hole, rearranging some balls on an exercise mat on a hill, and tracking down Greg’s cat.