After nearly two years of detailed planning the Chalfont St Giles Literary Festival 2016 is over.

17 events took place over a period of around two week and twenty speakers took time out to share their experiences of their lives in words – the theme of this year’s festival.

Over 1,000 tickets were sold for sessions which took place in various locations in St Giles and Jordans, the highest number of attendees since these festivals began.

Festival chairman Kathleen Martin thanked the committee for all their hard dedicated work and told them she was delighted to have received more positive comments and compliments than ever before during the period of the festival.

Guest speakers Margaret Whittock, who took part in a discussion called Spooks and Spooks, said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the event and was astonished by the comments I received afterwards. It seems I’m not the only person to have had such a spooky experience.”

One-time diplomat Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles - who spoke to a sell-out audience - offered his congratulations on the festival.

Vernon Bogdanor, whos session was one of four which were completely sold out, said: “I greatly enjoyed the occasion last night.

“The audience was extremely lively and the whole event most stimulating - as far as I was concerned, at least.”

London based author Salley Vickers said she looked forward to returning and added: “I enjoyed the evening very much and liked the audience’s intelligent responses.”

Novelist Anna Jacobs said: “What more can a speaker ask?”

She added: “They were a lovely audience and not only listened intently, but laughed at my jokes and asked intelligent and interesting questions.”

On the festival’s last day Nik Powell, director of the National Film and Television School, delivered an off-beat lesson in the life and times of an entertainment business entrepreneur, and presented the prizes to the winners of this year’s literary competition in the Parish Church.