KIERAN Wye was the triathlon star of the day for the Amersham Tristars team - although it owed something to his ability to get his shoes on faster than anyone else.

Competing in the U14 boys' event at the Arun Junior Triathlon at Bognor Regis, the youngster completed his 300m swim in third.

But he was so fast in the transition phase for the 6km bike ride that he blew the opposition away, being the first to get his shoes on and peddle off ahead of the rest.

Wye stormed round the route, opening up a massive 80 second lead ahead of the 2.4km run which concluded the race, then clocked the fastest time in that phase.

It was his first south east region series triathlon triumph and his winning margin of one minute 36 made his the best Amersham performance of the day.

There was a one-two-three for Tristar in the U10 girls' event in what was the first in a series of four south-east region meetings.

Emily Bench emerged ahead of team-mates Lizzie Barraclough and Rachel Padwick after the 150m swim, but Padwick was the overall winner, after the 2km bike ride and 1.2km run. Bench had to settle for third, with Barraclough, the leader after the bike ride, second.

In the boys' U10 event, Rob Hall was fourth but fought his way up to first place on the bike, a lead he extended on foot to win the event.

In the girls' U12 event (200m swim, 4km bike,1.8km run) Alice Hall took over the lead position on the bike, but slipped back to fourth on the run with a stitch. Team-mate Katie Bench finished sixth.

Emma Barraclough came third in the girls' U14s event (300m swim, 6Km bike, 2.4km run) and in the boys youths event (400m swim, 8km bike ride, 3km run) Ben Hall finished sixth.