CHESHAM United has been named the first KitAid ambassador after years of support for the charity.

The Generals have provided team kits to teams abroad and promoted the charity on their website and programme including FC Gargarin of Bulgaria (pictured).

Derrick Williams, who founded KitAid in 1998 said: "I have been thinking of setting this scheme up for a while now as it is a good way to recognise the support we receive from many clubs all across the UK.

"I did think of approaching individual footballers to become ambassadors, in the same way that people like Madonna or Robbie Williams are ambassadors for the very big charities, but I thought it was better to link with individual clubs and it is a novel idea.

"Clubs like Chesham have been fantastic in the support they have given us over the years and this is a nice way of keeping the partnership working.”

Alan Calder, Generals chairman, said: "We are very pleased to have been invited to launch the Ambassador Club scheme and as a community based club it fits in really well with the way we work.

"We have supported KitAid for some time now and love to see the pictures of our old kit being used in countries like Zambia and Bulgaria.

"We know that our supporters are behind the project as well, as they have donated a lot of shirts at the collection days we have held. I am sure the idea will catch on with a lot of different clubs all across the country."

To find out more about KitAid visit .

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