He's often mistaken for a professional golfer on social media – and Sam Saunders believes he can still drive Wycombe Wanderers to glory this season.

The Chairboys midfielder shares a name with an American PGA Tour player, who over the weekend was playing at the Genesis Open in California.

With Sam Saunders the golfer leading the pack after day one on Friday, a Washington-based radio station covering the Tour mistakenly tweeted its congratulations to Sam Saunders the footballer.

Saunders replied by hilariously pointing out that the break in play would allow him to hot-foot it back to Bucks to play against Carlisle United the following day.

Same name, different sport: Sam Saunders the golfer

He said: “I've had his tweets for ages. When he was on Twitter he followed me, and we had a little joke about being namesakes, but he's not on there any more so I'm getting all his tweets. Half his following probably think I'm him anyway.

“He's doing very well now, stealing my thunder. I love golf, and if I wasn't a footballer I'd be a golfer, but I'm not good enough to have been a pro. I'll stick to annoying the girlfriend by watching it every night instead.”

Sadly, while Saunders the golfer had a frustrating day on Saturday, plummeting down the leader board, so too did Saunders the football, as Wycombe failed to build on their domination to go down 2-1 to Carlisle.

He said: “It was disappointing because performance-wise we done well. We knew Stevenage wasn't good enough, and to a man we put our hands up and said it wouldn't happen again, and to be honest we've responded well.

“We played well at Crewe and shouldn't have lost, we played well today and shouldn't have lost, but we can't keep saying that, we have to turn it around. We've got good characters in the side, so I've no doubt we will.

“We've just got to stop giving cheap goals away, we feel like we work really hard for ours. But we've still got a lot of points to play for, it's not doom and gloom. We can still make the play-offs, and there's a lots of twists and turns yet.”

Since returning to Wycombe last month, Saunders, who has been a wide man for most of his career, has settled into a role in the middle of the park, which he much prefers going into the twilight years of his career.

He added: “That's where I want to play, and the gaffer knows that's where I want to be. I played some of my best football for Wycombe in a central position when I was here before. It's almost a number 10, more like an eight – let's call it an eight and a half!

“I'm just trying to get on the ball and get us playing. It's definitely a position I can play for a long time, and it's one I like as I like to get on the ball. I'll let the lads on the wings do the running, those days for me are long gone.

“I much prefer being in the mix and like to think I can influence the game more there. Being a winger is dependent on getting the ball, and it's my job to get the ball out there now and let them do their stuff.

“I feel I'm getting fitter and stronger every week, but with the amount of games we've had it's been a matter of patching yourself up. I've never known a fixture list like it. It's been an okay start from me seeing as I hadn't played for a while, but there's more to come.”