WINNING back disillusioned fans is the number one priority for Wycombe Wanderers Trust.

Fresh from taking over the club last week, the new hierarchy is already plotting how to get fans back into Adams Park and to fall back in love with the club again.

It admits the connection between the fans and the club has been too distant under Steve Hayes' reign but insists every single supporter can now play a part in its future.

“We are looking at the supporter base,” said Trust chairman Trevor Stroud. “There are some people out there who have been disenfranchised and we are looking for them to come back.

“We took 20,000 people to Villa Park to see an FA Cup semi-final. If we could get 10 per cent, or even five per cent, of them back to watch Wycombe on a regular basis then life would be a lot easier going forward.

“We are appealing to people to come back to what will be a family club. We are going to try and return to the core values of the club and to make it friendly and enjoyable. We are going to ask people to work with us.”

The Trust said it will be looking into enhancing its community projects and introducing new ticket deals and drink offers at the ground but when asked if it would increase ticket prices the answer was resounding.

“No,” said Mr Stroud. “We are trying to encourage people to come to the ground and not penalise them for coming.”

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