LONG-SERVING chairman Ivor Beeks will remain on the Wycombe Wanderers board and has called on fans to help the club push forward.

A new club board was unveiled today after a takeover from Wycombe Wanderers Trust on Friday with Mr Beeks, awarded an MBE last month, and Trust member Don Woodward named joint-chairmen.

Beeks went as far as to say the club had been 'rescued' after three years of millionaire Steve Hayes' ownership and said it is now up to fans to make the return to supporter ownership work.

He said: “It has been a fantastic feat to get us to this situation. I have to pay tribute to all of the board members who have been involved in the operation to rescue the club back into the supporters' hands.

"If you go back quite a few years you will remember that it was never all about money. It was about everyone in the circle and working together. If somebody steps out of the circle then they go and we need to get back to that where everybody pulls together.

“There will be a big groundswell now because the club has gone back to the fans. It is now up to them. There is a huge job being done here and now it is your turn and you have to come back and attend and then we will all be back in the circle and then I think we will see a huge difference.

“In the fullness of time we will get to where we want to be but it won't happen overnight. It is going to be about a lot of hard work but, hopefully now, it will be about a lot of people working hard together.”

Some Wycombe fans still blame Beeks for supporting shareholders handing over control of the club to Hayes in 2009.

But Trust chairman Trevor Stroud said his experience is vital and that fans need to move on.

“What you don't do is walk away from the experience,” he said. “Ivor is deeply involved in football. Some people do hold Ivor responsible for what has happened and, to some extent, there maybe some truth in that. But you have to put that to one side and see what he can offer the club.”

Brian Kane will remain on the board with Trust members Matt Clarke and David Roberton and Official Wycombe Wanderers Supporter's Association chairman John Derben making up full board.

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