A field of remembrance is being created on land next to Amersham Cricket Club as part of the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the start of the conflict.

The 320 crosses – each representing 50,000 deaths and a total of around 16 million military and civilian fatalities across all the countries involved in the war – will be unveiled at 7.30pm.

Amersham Band will perform during the ceremony at Shardeloes and a wreath will be laid. There will also be a replica First World War biplane at the event.

Amersham mayor Liz Walsh, who will be present, said: “I can’t wait to see it.

“We will be there until the sun goes down, and I think that it will be very moving.

“The band concert in Amersham on Sunday was very jolly, but this will be moving and quite emotional. The field is very unusual and special.

“It is in such a beautiful position and it will be stunning.”

Buckinghamshire University Technical College has helped make the 320 white crosses, using more than 2,700ft of wood, and each has a symbolic red poppy at its centre.

“The crosses will be kept in place for a year.

Town councillor Howard Trevette – who had the idea for the project – said: “I think that it will be wonderful. It is very special and a one-off.

“I wanted to do something visual and the crosses give meaning and symbolism to all those people who lost their lives.”


Amersham Rotary Club member Chalmers Cursley added: “It is an absolutely brilliant idea, a suitable memorial to those who served their country and died doing so.

“It is great and very important that we remember these people.”

Town councillor Tony Williams said: “I think that it will look fabulous.

“Everyone has done a good job, the whole town is shining and the field will be a fitting mark of respect.”

If you would like to join in at the unveiling ceremony, email stevec@Amersham-tc.gov.uk.

To donate to the project’s costs – £10 is the suggested amount – call the town council on 01494 434 000.