So your kids, the ones you love so dearly are finally back at school. They are now kept busy with all their schoolwork, leaving you with a great opportunity. Here's things you have time for now your kids are back at school

  1. Catch up on TV that you actually wanted to watch.

    I know cbbc is better than you expected it to be but let's face it. You miss real TV. Whether its Narcos on Netflix, or Mr Robot on Amazon, just sit back, relax and watch some grown up TV.
  2. Finally get around to some of those home improvements.

    You can do it. You've always wanted to paint that spare room or reorganise the furniture. With Autumn knocking on your door, maybe now is the perfect time to make small changes.
  3. Find out what's been happening in the world.

    I know this sounds like we're just plugging ourselves but honestly we understand how time consuming little ones can be. A lot has been happening locally, nationally and internationally this summer. It's never too late to catch up.
  4. Find yourself a new activity to do to make sure you get the exercise you need.

    It's easier than you think. We've even written an article about just how easy it is . You can finds hundreds of activities close that suit your time constraints.
  5. Revisit that hobby or project from years back.

    Remember when you loved to paint, write, bake or make music. Whatever you used to love doing before your little darlings arrived sucking your time like a black hole, take it back up. You'll feel better and its probably positive for your kids to see you pursuing your passions.
  6. Volunteer!

    You may not have a UCAS application to worry about but who couldn't use some good karma, plus the satisfaction of helping others is always a plus. Here and here are some good places to start looking if you're interested. It's also a pretty cool thing to teach your kids to do.
  7. Learn something new.

    We all know learning isn't confined to the classroom and there have to be things you enjoy now that you didn't during school and university. It could be a language or a skill or even fundamental poiltico-economic theories. In this digital age it's easier than ever to do courses and watch tutorials online or use apps to teach yourself something new, often for free.
  8. Reconnect with your pet.

    If you have a family pet, they probably got a fair bit of attention this summer. Make sure they don't feel abandoned and chill with your furry friend.
  9. Get your paperwork in order.

    Sorry, I hate it too, but it always helps to have a clear mind when tackling paperwork and it will pay dividends when you least expect. You might not enjoy doing it but the pride you feel afterwards could be worth it.

  10. Think.

    You can call it meditation or reflection or just relaxing, but imagine taking a small chunk of the day and doing nothing but thinking. It's worth a try, right?

  11. Get your social life back on track.

    If you'd like to spend time with some adults for a change, get in touch with some. Whether it's old friends you've always been meaning to call or even your neighbours, get chatting.

Of course that's not an exhaustive list. If you have a great way to spend free time, let us know in the comments.