Beaconsfield is the most valuable town in Bucks according to Zoopla.

Getbucks has looked through the property website’s rich list to see which towns and streets are considered to be the most valuable in Britain.

Zoopla’s Z-Index, a secret algorithm used by the site to estimate the value of a given house, estimates that the average value of a house in Beaconsfield is £1,074,769.

This is over £40,000 higher than the estimated value for a house in the town this time last year.

It makes the town the most valuable one in the county and the third most valuable in England, with Chalfont St Giles coming second on the list at an average value of £1,013,438.

Patrick Hogan, mayor of Beaconsfield, said it was not entirely good news: “It creates some problems in that people who grow up here can’t afford to stay here because it’s so expensive. It’s a magnet to people who are quite well off, that’s the side effect of property prices being so high here.

“We have to take average house prices into account because of the fact that the average house in Beaconsfield is bigger than that the average house in High Wycombe.

“I haven’t had anybody come to me and say, ‘isn’t it wonderful we live in a really expensive town’.

“The only advantage is if you’re thinking of leaving, but hopefully people like Beaconsfield enough that they don’t want to leave.”

When it comes to the most valuable streets Denner Hill in Great Missenden came out on top with the average value with a property on the street being a whopping £4,413,703.

Witheridge Lane in High Wycombe came second at a value of £3,310,875 and Welders Lane, Chalfont St Peter was third on £2,673,280.

Gordon Patrick, chairman of Chalfont St Giles Parish Council, said: “It’s taken me by surprise. I don’t know what to say, I’m just very impressed.”

Mr Patrick highlighted the benefits of the village and the surrounding areas, such as it’s proximity to London while being found within an AONB, the high level of education in the area and the ‘activities for youngsters’ which he said would contribute to the high valuation by Zoopla.

He said: “We’re very lucky that we live in this sort of area.”

He added: “I think there is a community spirit and we’re lucky to have it in a village of our size.”

The most valuable street in Britain was Kensington Palace Gardens in London where the average house is worth an incredible £42.1 million.

Surrey dominates the top two most valuable towns in Britain, with Virginia Water – where the average house is valued at a cool £1.37 million – and Cobham ranking first and second.