A nine-year-old girl from Gerrards Cross is on a one person mission to spread a bit of happiness over Lent.

Instead of giving up chocolate or sweets, Nicole Vitty has made the decision to give out a bunch of daffodils and a hand written card to one stranger for 40 days.

On Monday (March 6), Nicole and her mum Jayne Sharp were on their campaign when they gave out their gifts to a woman who then promptly burst into tears.

The woman, later named as Pauline Trafford, told the youngster and her mum they were her late mum’s favourite flowers and that she was struggling with the idea of Mother’s Day fast approaching.

Miss Sharp, 39, of Hedgerley Lane, said this random act of kindness made the woman feel like her late mother and fate ‘somehow had something to do with this’.

She said: “The lady couldn’t stop hugging Nicole.

“She said to her, what a wonderfully kind thing for you to do. We all stood there in tears.”

And added: “She said, ‘I’m going to put these up in my kitchen’.

“Hopefully it will make her feel a little bit better on Mother’s Day.”

Nicole, a year five pupil at the Chalfont Saint Peter CofE Academy, was given the idea thanks to an assembly she had at school.

According to her mother, the children were told that giving other people presents is better than receiving things.

Nicole then came home and told her mum that she wanted to do this and came up with the idea, setting about her task with gusto and writing all the messages in the cards herself.

Miss Sharp said: “I thought it was a lovely idea.

“It was all off her own back and I thought it was really sweet and really kind.”

But this level of generosity is not unusual for young Nicole, who has always enjoyed making people happy.

Miss Sharp said: “This is just her, she’s always loved giving things to people. She’s a really generous little girl.”

And added: “I’m really proud, but it’s just her - she’s just a kind person.

“It’s nice for Nicole to see the effect when she sees their faces.”

Nicole, who will be a bridesmaid at a her mum’s wedding in June, picks people she thinks have nice faces.

Miss Sharp added: “There’s so much horrible stuff going on it really does give you faith when you hear something like that.”