Despite a difficult few months for the owners of Kew Little Pigs, it looks like spring may have finally sprung in Beaconsfield.

A new litter of seven piglets has been born at the Beaconsfield farm to first time mother Nina, who is named after owner Olivia Mikhail’s best friend.

Nina the sow farrowed a litter of two ginger and five black piglets at Stampwell Farm over the course of the weekend.

And in a first for the farm only one piglet was male - usually more boys are born than girls.

Miss Mikhail, 35, said: “Nina is doing a fantastic job caring for her precious babies and is very protective of them, but in time we hope to be able to handle them with her being happy about it.”

Bosses at the farm are facing a battle to rehome their animals following a tenancy dispute with the Latimer Minster Church of England.

Kew Little Pigs has been renting the land from the church since 2014, but the church says Miss Mikhail has breached the terms of her tenancy agreement and must go - a claim she denies.

It means 56 pigs, goats and some chickens face eviction from the land that has been their home for two years.

Miss Mikhail has launched a campaign to rehome her animals and is keen to reassure that she is doing everything they can to look for a new home for the pigs.

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