A Wycombe-based charity which supports people affected by someone else's addiction is hosting a star-studded event in Westminster Abbey to raise awareness.

DrugFAM is arranging the 'Service of Celebration and Hope: Lives Worth Talking About' on May 9.

Confirmed guests include Russell Brand, Brandon Block, Cheri Lungi and Professor Keith Humphreys - Obama's Drug Policy Advisor.

The charity, founded in 2006 by Elizabeth Burton-Phillips in memory of her son Nick, is inviting people who have been affected, including those bereaved and professionals in the industry.

DrugFAM is a Wycombe-based charity providing to support to those affected by addiction

For seven years, Nick Wells and his brother Simon were addicted to heroin and crack and, after many attempts at recovery, Nick decided to take his life in 2004.

Following his death, Simon became drug-free and Elizabeth now helps thousands of others affected by addiction with DrugFAM.

Elizabeth said: “Drugs had a devastating impact on both my sons, drawing them into a life filled with deceit, crime, squalor and danger.

“Simon found freedom from drugs when Nick died and we were both determined that something positive would come from this tragedy.

“We understand from our own experience that families are confronted with feelings of helplessness, shame, fear, isolation and despair.

“DrugFAM is here to ensure that no family member, friend or carer ever has to face these challenges alone.”

Russell Brand is one of the confirmed guests at the Wycombe charity's event

Around one in three people is affected by a relative’s alcohol addiction and at least a further 1.5million adults affected by someone else’s drug misuse.

To help with this, DrugFAM raises awareness in schools, prisons and community groups and also holds weekly support groups in Chesham, High Wycombe and Burnham.

Sarah Bromfield, chief executive of DrugFAM, spoke about the event at Westminster Abbey and said she hoped local people would attend.

She said: “We are proud to hold this important event at Westminster Abbey to provide a voice to those affected by the addiction of others.

“The service will provide an opportunity for families to proudly and publicly remember the lives of those lost to addiction, and acknowledge the strength and courage of all those who are affected by someone else’s drug or alcohol misuse.

“These are all ‘lives worth talking about’ that deserve to be heard.’’