As excitement builds for the Wimbledon finals this weekend (July 9 and 10), ring-tailed residents at ZSL London Zoo have been getting in on the action – with a beetroot ball buffet!

Hidden inside baskets made from tennis balls and suspended from trees, the tempting titbits proved to be a grand slam for the lively lemurs, who had to balance on branches to enjoy the juicy veg.

Lemurs celebrate Wimbledon at ZSL London Zoo

The zoo’s troop of ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta) were served up the tennis-style snacks by keepers to celebrate the annual tournament – and according to senior keeper Christina Stender they really hit the sweet spot.

"We give the lemurs lots of different enrichment and present their food in a variety of ways to arouse their curiosity and encourage their natural behaviours - like climbing and exploring," explained Christina.

Lemurs celebrate Wimbledon at ZSL London Zoo

"The lemurs loved their tennis-themed treats – there were pink fingers and faces all round."

In the end it was game, set and match for the lemurs, who had an ace time tucking into the bite-sized beetroots.

Lemurs celebrate Wimbledon at ZSL London Zoo

Visitors to ZSL London Zoo can get up close and personal with the ring-tailed lemurs in their walkthrough home, In with the Lemurs. Along with ZSL London Zoo’s breath-taking new exhibit, Land of the Lions, there’s tons to see this summer. Find out more and book tickets on the website.