The only way a newcomer to Beaconsfield will know they have arrived in the town will be the pungent odours that are plaguing it according to angry councillors.

Many vented their fury about the smells that are being emitted from the two landfill sites on the town's borders - Wapseys Wood and Springfield Farm - at the latest town council meeting at the town hall, in Penn Road, on Thursday (16/10).

On a damp day they say that the smell of waste and methane from the sites, both regulated by the Environment Agency, often wafts over Wattleton Road and the town's three schools and can reach North Drive, Butlers Court Road and The Spinney.

Councillor Deborah Sanders said: "I think that it is an absolute disgrace that the foul smell from these sites are the first introduction to Beaconsfield for people.
"On some days the stink is unbearable and can come all the way into the Old Town."

Councillor Alan Walters, (pictured) who in the past has kept a log of the smells from his home 500 yards away from Springfield Farm, said: "I have been battling against this since 2000.
"On a day where there is a south-westerly wind then it is horrendous. I regularly complain to the EA and they have a scaling system which they use to measure the smells from one to 10.

"Sometimes when they ask I have to tell them it is a 12 because it is so bad! I would really urge anyone who smells it to complain themselves. It is the only way we can maybe get something done."

The EA licences for Springfield Farm and Wapseys Wood state that they "should not allow the release of odours" and that there should be "controlled emissions to the atmosphere of odours, toxic gases, and dusts."

Following a meeting between town councillors and landfill bosses the assistant manager at Springfield Farm has agreed to drive around the directly affected areas twice a day to monitor the situation and has vowed to work with the community to tackle the problem.

To make a complaint about the smells to the EA call 0800 80 70 60.

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