Triplets who have never spent more than two days apart are taking different paths to travel across the world as part of a school challenge.

Tristan, Alexander and Ethan Hoekema, 12, of Knotty Green, are taking part in the World Challenge ( which organises expeditions for teenagers.

The Royal Grammar School pupils are appealing for help to raise funds for their trips abroad.

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Tristan and Alexander are heading to Morocco at Easter, and have to raise £1,200, while Ethan has to raise £1,300 for his trip to Iceland.

The expeditions are between eight and 10 days long and will include camping, trekking and sightseeing.

The youngsters will have to budget and cook for themselves and make their own decisions.

The World Challenge aims to help children grow in independence and confidence while seeing the world.

The trio, who are also altar servers at St Teresa’s Church in Beaconsfield, are now trying to raise money for the scheme, as the funds have to be raised by the pupils.

They are keen to help with any household or gardening jobs.

Tristan said: “At first we were all looking at different places, but then Alexander and I decided to go to Morocco, and Ethan to Iceland.

“It’s a lot of money to raise and we all have to do it. We have already done some raking and gardening. We want people to give us similar jobs for a small fee.”

Alexander said: “I feel ready to do it, and it’ll be exciting. It’ll be
a completely different culture. We’ve been camping before and have cooked, but this is all by ourselves.”

The triplets have been preparing by learning key phrases in Aramaic and Icelandic, and plan to get fitter to prepare for trekking.

Ethan said: “I wanted to go to Iceland because I’d read the Journey to the Centre of the Earth and I thought it would be cool to go and see what it was like and pretend it was like that.”

He added: “I didn’t mind choosing a different place to Tristan and Alexander, though it’ll be strange going by myself.”

Mum Tracy said: “I’m nervous as they still seem so little to me, but perhaps it will be the making of them.

“They will go there boys and come back men. Having all three go is a challenge, as they need to raise a lot of money.”

The triplets’ parents will supervise them for any jobs.

Email tracytriplets@me or call 07747808852 if you have a task they could do for a small fee.