A family pet dognapped from Aylesbury has been returned to its grateful owners after being discovered 170 miles away in Greater Manchester.

Paddy the Cairn Terrier, who is one year old, was stolen from his owner’s Aylesbury home in the early hours of May 2 before showing up three weeks later, dishevelled and unkempt in Denton .

Owner Linda Reynolds, 48, told how callous thieves were caught on their neighbour’s CCTV camera trying to force their way into the family’s home by smashing the patio doors.

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When Paddy went to the dog flap to investigate he was dragged out by the thieves.

Linda, whose husband Simon, 53, and twin sons Patrick and Michael were devastated by the dognapping, said: “When we were watching it back on my neighbour’s CCTV we could hear him yelp twice, it broke my heart.”

A delighted Linda Reynolds with her twin sons Patrick and Michael

Citizens Advice manager Linda posted a desperate plea on her Facebook page which quickly went viral, getting shared over 110,000 times.

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And on Tuesday night, the couple got a phone call to tell them their precious pooch had been found ... in Manchester.

Plasterer Johnny Shaw, 33, was at a friend’s house in Denton, Tameside, when he found the lone bedraggled little terrier wandering along the road.

He told our sister site the M.E.N.: “I waited for a bit and then took him home with me.

“My wife, Lorna used to have a dog grooming business and she has a scanner. When she scanned it she got all the owner’s details. I gave him a bath too because he stank.”

The couple was astonished to find the dog had come all the way from Aylesbury.

Johnny continued: “We phoned the owners and sent some pictures. They arrived at about midnight and the dog was going mad, jumping all over them.”

Linda Reynolds was delighted when dog Paddy, which was stolen from her home in Aylesbury was found wandering the streets in Denton, Tameside, 150 miles away and reunited with her.

Linda and Simon, who travelled to Greater Manchester to pick up Paddy, provided the couple with a £400 reward.

Relieved Linda now wants to warn other owners about the importance of getting their pets chipped.

She added: “He’d had a hair cut to try and disguise him but we were so happy.

“He’s always been an important part of our family. If we hadn’t got him chipped we’d have never seen him again.

“We didn’t think for a minute he’d show up in Manchester though.”