With the colder weather beginning to set in, many garden birdwatchers will be looking to help birds survive the winter by providing them with bird food.

However, according to the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), Britain’s leading wild bird research organisation, it isn’t just at this time of year that we should be looking to attract birds to our gardens.

Studies by the BTO have found that birds are much more likely to visit your garden if there is a regular source of food available.

And, there are many rewards of attracting birds to your garden throughout the year too; the enjoyment of watching and listening to them, the natural pest control they provide and the feel good factor of helping them survive through ‘hungry periods’.

The Ernest Charles Company and the BTO work closely together to enrich and enhance the lives of wild birds in the UK.

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Research by the BTO has enabled Ernest Charles to develop a premium wild bird care range that provides garden birds with all the essentials they need to survive and thrive all year round.

Top tips include; siting a number of different feeders around your garden that offer a variety foods, such as Mealworm and Sunflower blends.

These choice feeds will not only attract the widest range of species but, will also help birds maintain their condition.

It’s also important to supply a fresh source of water throughout the year, for drinking as well as bathing.

Birds will supplement their diet with garden bird food year-round, especially during the breeding season or, more seasonally, throughout winter.

For more information, including how and what to feed, please visit www.ernestcharles.com and www.bto.org