A school pupil got a taste of Hollywood when she interviewed the stars of a blockbuster on the red carpet.

Stephanie Carr, a 13-year-old pupil at the Chalfonts Community College who lives in Gerrards Cross, went to the London premiere of Interstellar, the recently released sci-fi film which tells the story of mankind’s last days on Earth and the search to find a new home for the human race.

Stephanie was given the chance to attend the premiere thanks to her involvement with education Into Film, which enables youngsters to learn about the film industry.

While at the Leicester Square premiere, Stephanie spoke to the films’ stars, Oscar winners Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Sir Michael Caine.

Stephanie Carr of Gerrards Cross interviews Matthew McConaughey at the Interstellar film premiere

Stephanie has already interviewed Anne Hathaway during the press junket for animated film Rio 2, and the actress immediately recognised her and asked how she was.

Stephanie said: “Anne recognised me from the Rio 2 junket, which was really exciting and really nice. She was just like, ‘Ah yeah, I remember you’, and smiled and acted really friendly.

“She was talking about how she wanted to go to space ever since she was young so that was nice to find out.”

Stephanie Carr of Gerrards Cross interviews Sir Michael Caine at the Interstellar film premiere.

She added: “Being on the red carpet was really overwhelming, there’s a lot of smoke and lights, big beaming lights and there was a load of noise, people screaming. It was really, really cool, it was so exciting just to be there.”

Matthew McConaughey also told Stephanie about the film’s story and the character he plays, while Sir Michael told her why he thinks people can identify with the story’s characters.

Because of her links with the charity, Stephanie has also previously interviewed Antonio Banderas, Isla Fisher and Chris Pine.

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