Officers from Buckingham Fire Station and volunteers from the Buckingham AED Project came together in support of European Restart a Heart Day last Saturday.

The firefighters spent the day training Tesco Buckingham shoppers in life-saving Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), an essential skill which dramatically increases the survival chances for a victim of a cardiac arrest.

Chances of survival double if a cardiac arrest happens in front of a bystander who immediately starts CPR before the Ambulance arrives.

The station's watch commander, John Robinson, said: "CPR is so important. If people would just do something rather than stand and watch, they can prolong life”

Buckingham Watch commander, John Robinson,

The Buckingham AED Project, which raises money for the purchase of Automatic Electric Defibrillators, of which there are already four around Buckingham, held a successful fundraising event, also at the Tesco Buckingham store.

Lee King, Chairman of the Buckingham AED Project said: “The support we’ve got from the very young to the very old has been fantastic. We’ve raised a lot of money and we hope it continues”

Statistics show that if you suffer a cardiac arrest outside of hospital in the UK, you have less than a one in ten chance of surviving. Whereas, in places such as Norway where CPR is more widely taught, your chance of survival rises to as high as four in ten.

More than 100 people were instructed in CPR across the day, a fact which those everywhere will see the advantage of, as more and more lives are saved in the future.

This report was prepared by the journalism students of the University of Buckingham as part of a joint venture with getbucks.

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