A SCHOOLGIRL who made two videos about a town has now made one that features the Examiner.

Teenage activist Rochelle D’Avis, 16, from Chesham, has been releasing YouTube videos since September about the fact she believes science is rubbish and about her ‘hatred’ for scientist Brian Cox.

She has also made two 'videofestos' on her hometown Chesham to prove that it is the ‘streetest place you can be’, which the Examiner featured last month.

Rochelle has now appeared back in front of the camera in her 'Janufesto' where she apologises for not doing a videofesto in 'ages' but it is because after appearing in the Examiner all the fame has gone to her head.

Rochelle, who is rumoured to be the alter-ego of a comedian who wishes to keep her identity a secret, is hoping to make some more videos on Chesham on the future and is asking readers for ideas.

She added: "I may make more videos about Chesham in the future but I wondered if the Examiner's readers would Tweet me where they would like covered or any recommendations for the Chesham tourist board? My handle [on Twitter] is @RochelleDAvis19."