The University of Buckingham has welcomed Tanlaw Millie, its first official University dog.

The adorable 10-week- ­old Cockapoo was originally named Bucky but has been renamed after the Student Union Building, Old Tanlaw Mill.

Head of Student Welfare, Dee Bunker, said: “It is a well known fact that black dogs lift black moods, it helps with depression and anxiety especially during exam periods.”

The canine is not ready for student contact until she has completed her immunisations but will be available for cuddles once she's a little bigger.

Little Tanlaw-Millie will be staying in student welfare during the daytime and students are welcome to take her for a walk on an appointment basis. During the night, she will be living with Dee Bunker in Milton Keynes.

The university's famous wandering cat Dennis is said to be slightly alarmed by the situation but refused to comment.

University of Buckingham

According to the National Centre for Health Research, studies of benefits for human health show that animals can reduce tension and improve your mood.

Pets offer unconditional love that, along with treatment can be very helpful to people suffering with stress or depression.

This report was prepared by the journalism students of the University of Buckingham as part of a joint venture with getbucks.

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