If you think you may have over-done it at last month's Christmas do, think again.

A driver was given a nasty shock when he spotted a pedestrian drunkenly stumbling along the M1 motorway in the hard shoulder lane.

Jase Critchley, a software engineer pulled up behind the man and invited him in, taking him to the nearest motorway services where he called the police. Police said the man, who lived in Sheffield, was not wanted in connection to any crimes but that he'd have to spend the night in lock-up if he couldn't find his way home.

The good Samaritan offered to take the drunken man home to Sheffield which is near Mr Critchley's home town of Barnsley.

Whilst the man spent the majority of the drive sleeping in the backseat, Mr Critchley was able to ascertain that the man 'joined' the M1 at Junction 13, heading southbound even though he had intended to walk the hundred miles north to Sheffield.

"He was also often talking to his imaginary friend for much of the journey" Mr Critchley said.

"When we got to his house he just walked through the front door and I haven't seen or heard from him since" he added.

The man also didn't seem to let the cold bother him as he strode along the motorway in just a t-shirt with jacket in hand, shortly after midnight on December 14. According to the Met Office, temperatures at nearby Woburn that night were as low as 4.4 °C.