A MYSTERIOUS video has appeared on the internet, supposedly showing a UFO hovering over Chalfont St Giles.

The video, which has been posted on You Tube, shows the alien aircraft over the pond and Merlin's Cave pub in the village centre.

It stays there for a short while before being chased off by two military jets and disappearing into the sky.

The video appeared online on Saturday and was filmed in broad daylight.

The Advertiser was informed of the video in two different emails, although the authenticity of it is doubtful.

One of the emails came from someone calling themselves Ant Grewbag, which is the name of a website which looks into UFOs and conspiracy theories surrounding the phenomena.

The website says: "On Wednesday, April 14, 2010, military jets were involved in a high speed air pursuit with an alien spacecraft.

"The chase began over Northern Europe and ended when the saucer type craft crashed 25 miles outside of London.

"This is Britain's very first Roswell type incident, but, unlike the events of 1947, the British Ministry of Defence have not managed to catch their alien.

"The being is alive and on the run."

The site goes onto claim that the craft eventually crashed near to Chalfont St Giles in Coleshill, and also give pictures of what "experts" think the alien would look like.

You can view the video by visiting You Tube and searching for UFO Chalfont, and visit the website by going to www.antgrewbag.com