TWO rivers still remain dry despite the final hosepipe ban being lifted on Monday (July 9) following weeks of ‘freakish’ rain.

Veolia Water finally lifted its hosepipe ban in Chesham on Monday (July 9) after abnormal rainfall in recent weeks led to supplies being replenished.

The deluges of rain have not been enough to rescue the town’s River Chess, which has been dry for over a year, or the River Misbourne.

River Chess Association secretary Kathyrn Graves said: “It’s fair to say we’ve had a freakish amount of rainfall but unfortunately it’s had a limited impact on the aquifer which is still well below the levels it should be.

“The heavy rain just runs off unfortunately and doesn’t make it to it, so I’d urge people to still be careful with their water usage despite the ban being lifted.

“The Chess has been dry for over a year now and I expect the impact is the same for the Misbourne, which is also fairly dry.”

She added: “There’s not a really a lot of helpful benefits from the heavy rainfall – it does means there’s a lot of slugs and snails, which will be playing havoc, I think they’ll be a lot of grumpy gardeners and allotment holders.”

John Norris, who is responsible for rivers on the Chiltern Society, said: “The Misbourne is still dry in places. There is flow near Little Missenden where the water table is near the surface, but we do need more – the heavy rain just floods the drains though.”

Mike Allenby from the Chesham Horticultural Society said: “The hosepipe ban hasn’t affected us, but there has been a lot more slugs and snails because of the heavy rain, which are a real nuisance.

“You can either use a commercial product to deal with them, which some people don't like, catch them yourself by picking them up as you go or using a jam jar buried in the soil with beer in – they like that so they’ll die happy!”