A 900-year-old house is under threat from HS2.

Grade I listed Savay Farm in Denham sits just a few hundred metres from the site of the proposed Colne Valley Viaduct.

The Colne Valley viaduct is set to run just a few hundred metres from Savay Farm, Denham

The former home of Oswald Mosley, Savay Farm has foundations which date back over a thousand years and is a former hunting lodge of Henry VIII.

According to Sally Cakebread, who lives there, one of the house’s beams has been carbon-dated to before Christ and there are ancient burial mounds within the grounds.

Savay Lake is also recognised as a top fishing lake.

Sally has launched a petition calling on HS2 to put a tunnel under the Colne Valley to protect the ancient wildlife and setting.

She said: “I just believe it’s totally wrong because it’s a Grade I listed house and has its setting protected in law.

An artist's impression of the Colne Valley Viaduct

“We have to put in a tunnel. I just think it’s ridiculous.”

Sally believes HS2 is deliberately targeting privately owned heritage assets such as hers because they are a ‘soft target’ and HS2 ‘don’t value heritage’.

She said there are ‘very few historical houses’ and HS2 has ‘hit the lot of them’, and argued that a number of important places are being forced to close down, such as the Hillingdon Outdoor Activity Centre.

Savay Farm in the snow

The viaduct and train line will be ‘really really noisy’, it will have a ‘horrible visual impact’ and will seriously damage ‘this historical house which has been here for 900 years’.

She added: “I think it’s a cynical targeting of heritage assets.”

The proposed viaduct will pass just two hundred metres from Sally’s back garden and four trains per minute are set to run along it.

Sally said: “People wouldn’t be able to visit and the setting will be destroyed.

Savay Farm house

“I feel strongly about it because it’s wrong. The Government has no regard for preserving the heritage of the country.”

She said of the HS2 House of Lords report: “They’ve published a whole pack of lies about our house.

“We’ve had horrible experiences with HS2 - they’re a toxic organisation. We’ve been ignored from the beginning.”

A spokesman for HS2 Ltd said: “HS2 is a once in a lifetime opportunity to dramatically improve journeys between the Midlands and the North, and London, boosting capacity, improving connectivity and helping to rebalance the national economy.

"The railway has always sought to avoid impacting on heritage assets where possible.

“For the past two years the HS2 Hybrid Bill has passed through the House of Commons and is coming to the end of passing through the Lords.

"During that period thousands of petitions have been heard, and hundreds of amendments made to the Bill to better reflect the concerns of those impacted by the railway.

"This included noise mitigation in the Colne Valley area.

“As we develop the Colne Valley viaduct’s design we will consult to ensure that it is sensitive to the local environment and is both distinct and positive to the area.”

Visit https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/174981 to sign the petition.