A woman has been jailed for stealing thousands of pounds from an elderly friend who lived in the same Denham retirement village as her.

In just more than a year, Angela Corbett, 47, of Patrons Way West, Denham Garden Village, stole nearly £36,000 in savings from her victim, a woman in her 80s who has now been admitted to a dementia care home.

Between April 2014 and August 2015 both women lived in the housing development of assisted living for older people. Corbett lived with her elderly mother.

She and the victim became friends, and Corbett was given the elderly woman's bank card and PIN number to help pay for shopping, bill paying and day-to-day expenses.

Over time increasing amounts of cash were removed from the victim’s current account, and money had also been transferred from ISA savings accounts into the victim’s current account ready to be withdrawn.

Corbett was arrested on August 26 2015 and was charged in connection with the offences on September 21 2016.

Case investigator Kevin Clingham, of Taplow Local CID, said: “A total sum of £35,962.50 was withdrawn from the victim’s current account between 21 April 2014 and 20 August 2015 - 239 separate cash withdrawal transactions took place.

"This translated to an average of one cash withdrawal every two days between these dates.

“In December 2014, 29 separate transactions took place over a 31 day period and more than £5,000 was withdrawn during this month.

"When Corbett was arrested she claimed that Betty gave her permission to spend her money.

"Up to her trial she maintained her innocence.

“The crime was only uncovered when carers acting for the victim discovered she could not pay her rent one month because of insufficient funds.

"If Corbett had not been so greedy and reduced the victim’s account to zero, there is every likelihood that she could have continued spending the victim’s money without being discovered.

“Sadly the victim has now been admitted to a specialist dementia care home as she is unable to look after herself.

"Thames Valley Police takes all reports of such offences seriously and I would advise keeping credit and debit cards safe and not to divulge your PIN number to anyone.

"I’m pleased that Corbett has admitted her wrongdoing and will have time in custody to reflect upon her actions.”

Corbett was sentenced to two-and-a-half years at Aylesbury Crown Court, on Wednesday April 5.

She pleaded guilty to one charge of theft totalling £30,000 at a previous hearing at the same court on March 2.