TWO film buffs have found a unique way of raising funds to create a feature film using techniques used in the Harry Potter movies.

Julian Darley and Celine Rich have paired up to create a film, called The Big Steal, about a group of bankers that meet their demise in bizarre ways.

The team, based in Horseshoe Crescent, Seer Green, hope to film most of the movie ready for Cannes 2013, and eventually have it released in cinemas.

While the pair are putting their own money into the project, to raise enough they have launched a community fund scheme where people can donate online.

In return donors get props, like a trillion dollar bill, as well as sealed scripts and parts as extras. The top bidder will get to walk down the red carpet at the film’s premiere.

Mr Darley said: “With the crowd funding campaign anyone who donates gets a trillion dollar bill, or they can be an extra, and there’s scripts.”

The team have worked together since 1999, and Mr Darley has written scripts in Hollywood and worked with Pierce Brosnan, but now they want to make their own films. They hope to raise £15,000 through the scheme and already have some donations.

Mr Darley added part of the cost is due to using innovative techniques: “We’re using big technology on a micro budget. Some of the techniques were used in the Harry Potter films. We are being advised by someone that worked on the film.”

As well as hoping the public will get behind the film, Celine says they are also looking for people in the local area to lend a hand.

She said: “We’re still looking for locations, so anyone that has a big barn that we can use for green screen, or a warehouse we can film in, or a penthouse, or a glamorous house.”

Mr Darley describes the film as ‘bringing bankers to justice’ and says it has the feel of a Hitchcock film such as North By North West.

“This isn’t a vigilante film. We didn’t like the idea of violence, so they are bizarre accidental deaths. We were also inspired by the Occupy movement.”

To donate and learn more about the project visit .