A woman from Buckinghamshire discovered a souvenir scorpion among her luggage after returning from a holiday to Mexico.

The critter had crawled into the tightly packed suitcase and travelled 5,400 miles to Bucks before being discovered by the holidaymaker while unpacking.

Remarkably, the 2cm long scorpion was largely unharmed despite its lengthy travels. Despite its diminutive stature, the scorpion, believed to be from the Vaejovidae family can cause a 'highly painful' sting.

The scorpion was contained at the house in Wellesbourne Crescent, in High Wycombe, and picked up by RSPCA inspector Rachel Smith, who took the arachnid to a specialist exotic pet centre in Hertfordshire.

Inspector Smith said: “The scorpion’s legs and pincers are all intact and it is remarkably unscathed given that it has travelled thousands of miles in a tightly-packed suitcase. It was so small that it is very lucky to have been spotted - it could very easily have been missed.

“The woman who found the scorpion did the right thing by safely containing the scorpion without picking it up. Fortunately no one was stung and this scorpion will now be cared for by experts.

“This is just a timely reminder to people to always check your clothes, towels and shoes properly when packing to return home from a trip abroad, as you never quite know what surprising souvenir you might bring home with you!”