Two kind-hearted youngsters have set up a charity to help children less fortunate than themselves.

Twelve-year-old Lexie and her sister Ines, 10, are the brains behind The Pyjama Fund, a not-for-profit organisation which provides pyjamas, onesies and soft toys to vulnerable children across the UK

Based in Beaconsfield, the schoolgirls fundraise and buy pyjamas, which are then distributed to vulnerable children through their charity partners.

The pair has already sent off three bundles to different charities in London, Beaconsfield and High Wycombe, run by Action For Children and The Children’s Society and have also helped around 30 children.

Ines and Lexie have launched The Pyjama Fund

They originally had the idea of setting up the organisation at the beginning of 2015, when they realised there were children in the UK who did not have access to the soft toys, clean pyjamas and onesies which gave them so much comfort.

Wanting to give that feeling of warmth to those children who were less fortunate, the pair decided they wanted to do something and so in summer 2016, after much preparation and hard work, The Pyjama Fund officially came to life.

Mum Zoe said: "I'm hugely proud of them. It's a lovely thing, that they're so caring of other children.

"It's important to me and it's important to them to give something back."

Not only have the two girls built and designed the website, but they also contacted charities and companies themselves asking for pyjamas and onesies, organised raffles- one of which raised more than£150 - and received donations from shops including Next and Marks and Spencer.

Ines and her sister Lexie wanted to help children less fortunate

Lexie said: "We've always been into making projects and wanting to make a difference, and this is the perfect opportunity.

"I've told a lot of my friends and they tell me it's really amazing.

"All the people I've spoken to have been really supportive and think it's a great idea.

She continued: "I love big ideas and big projects.

"I love seeing something I've worked at going into life, and knowing that I've helped children - I love it."

Lexie added that she was hoping to continue with The Pyjama Fund "for a lot more years."

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