Two people had to be rescued from the top storey of a Chesham house after a car ploughed into the side of it.

Shocked driver Ben Smith, 23, has described how the people in the house were screaming after he lost control of his white Volkswagen yesterday (Sunday February 12) afternoon.

Early estimates have suggested the repair will cost up to £12,000 with pictures showing the extent of the damage done to the property on Pheasant Rise.

Mr Smith said: “I thought ‘you idiot’.

“I knew the damage as soon as I got out.”

Mr Smith, who lives near Ruislip, London, was visiting his family when an ambulance came down the road towards him.

Because cars were parked on both sides he was forced to reverse down the hill, when all of a sudden he felt a bang and realised he had hit something.

He said: “At that moment it was shock.

“It sounded like when you accidentally dink a car, then I heard the screaming from upstairs.

“The mum and dad were screaming, ‘my kid’s in there’.”

Emergency services were called at around 4.50pm and had to use a 10.5 metre ladder to rescue a man and a boy from a first floor window.

The firefighters, from Amersham and High Wycombe, also set up a cordon following the crash in which neither the man or boy were injured.

Neighbour Karen Harrison said: “We heard a loud bang.

“I looked out of the window and saw the car embedded in the side of the house, so I went round to to make sure everyone was alright.”

Another neighbour, Sophie Fulford, 19, who works for Avon, used to live at the house.

She said: “I heard a bang. I thought it was someone breaking into something.

“My partner told me to look outside.

“It was a bit mad - lots of people came to watch.”

A spokesperson for Paradigm Housing, who own the house, said: "The damage to the property has been assessed today by our surveyor and a roofing contractor.

"Although we need to review this fully we can confirm there is extensive damage to the property, including to the staircase, which we estimate will take a number of months to fully repair.

"We have visited our tenant and are working closely with them, including looking at alternative accommodation options."

It is thought there was another person in the house, a female, who was not injured.

They have not been named but it is believed they had only been living there for around two months.

Police are investigating the cause of the crash. The house has been secured.

A statement from the police reads: "We were called at 4.52pm on Sunday afternoon (12/2) to reports of a car in collision with a house on Pheasant Rise, Chesham.

"Fire and ambulance service also in attendance.

"Road closures were in place whilst emergency services attended the scene.

"The house sustained damage and has undergone structural assessment.

"A 23 year-old man from Amersham has been reported for summons for careless driving."