Pupils at Prestwood Junior School gave their Daily Mile a festive twist for Christmas Jumper Day.

The school - which is one of the first in the county to adopt the running scheme - raised more than £130 for Save the Children on Friday (December 16).

The Daily Mile aims to help children and young people become more active by encouraging them to run or walk a mile every day during the school day.

It is being rolled out across the country and the aim is for every child to go outside to run or walk for at least 10 minutes each day.

Some children are able to run a mile in this time, while others are building up to it. The focus is all on personal achievements and having fun, rather than who is the fastest.

Head Teacher, Amanda Cook, said: “I personally get a lot out of running and being active, and I’m keen that all our pupils have an opportunity to benefit as well.

“We started the Daily Mile after being approached by parents, and we decided to go for it when all our teachers thought it was a great idea.

“I see classes out all the time taking part and the Daily Mile is now embedded in the timetable. We are really enjoying it.

“After seeing how well this has gone at our School, I’d strongly recommend other head teachers give it a go. You won’t regret it.”