SHELTER and lighting should be installed at Great Missenden Skate Park so kids can play safety on winter evenings, according a community police officer.

Sgt Nicky Upton is one of the neighbourhood officers who looks after the village and has hailed the role the park has played in keeping teenagers occupied.

She said: "The park is fantastic, we haven't really had any anti-social behaviour since it opened and the kids love it.

"But now the clocks have gone back they can't really do anything down there after 5pm - it would be great if they had some lighting and some shelter to use in the winter evenings.

"Speaking to the kids down there, I know they'd love that too."

She added: "I know there was an agreement with local residents when the park opened there wouldn't be any lighting, but as it's gone so well I'm hoping they might change their minds.

"The skate park is away from houses and the road so it's a safe place for them to go and hang out."

One suggestion is to have the lights on a timer so they switch off at a certain time each evening.

Great Missenden Parish Councillor Mark Cunnane helped set the park up in May 2010 and established a club over the summer so skaters take more responsibility for the park themselves.

He said: "I would be in favour of it, but we made a verbal agreement with residents when it was proposed there would be no lighting - I'd have to speak to the council as it would be up to them to talk to residents about it."

He added: "The club is coming together well so I'm pleased - I am struggling to find a coach though.

"I would like to find someone to run skateboard and BMX classes down there and teach them maintenance, but this is proving difficult."

If you know anybody who would be willing to run classes, please email Cllr Cunnane at

Do you live in Great Missenden? Would you be happy to see lights installed? Please email