With kids and adults across the world hunting mythical creatures on their mobile phone screens, GetBucks decided to find out what the hype is about.

Aylesbury's Falcon Taxi are offering gamers the chance to get chauffeured around the town for a fixed price of £20 an hour, to the best sites for catching Pokemon.

We just had to give it a go, so reporters Tom Herbert and Qasim Peracha were despatched with driver Tariq, and headed to Watermead.

Qasim Peracha on the hunt for a Pikachu

If we're being honest, we were slightly disappointed in the haul. There are a couple of pokestops and a pokegym at Watermead but by the time we walked around the lake we had only managed to capture a Psyduck and a Pidgey.

Far from spectacular.

( EDITOR'S NOTE: it is entirely possible this is due to operator error rather than any fault of the location or indeed the Pokemon!)

Slightly dejected, we went to another top site, Fairford Leys village centre. The gazebo at the heart of the town is a pokegym and did seem to be a hub of poke-activity.

Tom Herbert seems confused by the whole concept

We spoke to PokemonGo playing youngsters who were currently dominating the pokegym they were huddled underneath.

They told us they played the game all the time, one of them having reached level 34!

Another set of friends, in their 20s, were telling us how the Morrisons car park had been their best place to catch the more rare and exotic pokemon.

We were interrupted by a vibration from my phone. Fairford Leys gave us a Magmar and a Pidgeoto.

A young boy shouts across the street

"Have you got a Pikachu yet?"

'No, I reply', the pain in me voice barely concealed.

"There's a Pikachu spawn site in Stone, just around the corner. I caught loads there," he replies.

As a millennial, the chance to catch a Pikachu is not one I could squander. Tariq sprung into action and motored us down to Stone.

With hindsight, I know I'm not James Bond, but in the moment, chasing down the elusive Pikachu with Tariq in the driver's seat, I felt somewhat the part.

Falcon Taxis will drive you to all the prime locations

Unfortunately our pursuit was unfruitful, but we pass the baton to you, people of Buckinghamshire.

Go out there and get Pokehunting!