Plans have been put forward to build a permanent gypsy site in Chalfont St Peter.

Land south of West Hyde lane has been earmarked by Great Missenden based planning firm BFSGC, on behalf of Mr and Mrs Noah Stanley and their family, for a ‘modest and appropriate’ site.

The family currently live on the land after temporary consent was granted on appeal following a previous application.

But in 2016 the consent expired and a new application has now been submitted to Chiltern District Council to change the land from agricultural to residential use.

The plans would see two mobile homes, one touring caravan, one utility block and associated hardstanding and septic tank built there.

The design and access statement reads: “The Stanley family is an established well known Romani Gypsy family, the applicant regularly travels for purposes of trading and earning a living, when the family travel they regularly attend such as markets, horse fairs and other family and cultural events etc.

“The additional capacity (new plot) would be in the name of Mr and Mrs Stanley, should the LPA decide that a personal consent is appropriate.

“It is important that this family has a stable place to live. It is important that the family has a stable place to live so they can access healthcare and education.

“The Human Rights act is engaged in this situation, and any decision needs to be considered with a view to the Human Rights Act, Article eight particularly.

“The new pitch could help to alleviate or prevent over crowding elsewhere.

“The fact that the persons concerned in the application are Romani Gypsies is important, because as such they are entitled to respect for their traditional way of life – an integral part of which involves living in caravans.

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