Have you ever gone out to a fancy restaurant with someone from South Bucks?

Well, according to the latest crime figures you may want to think again about doing so.

Get Bucks has crunched the numbers and found out that people in South Bucks are the worst in the country for running out on a bill.

Government figures have revealed that there were 390 cases of people making off without payment for the 12 months up to September last year.

This works out at one in every 177 people, a figure that tops the table and dwarfs Hertsmere, Hertfordshire, which came second with one crime in every 247 people.

The crime can include leaving a restaurant or hotel without paying, running away from a taxi fare or filling a car up with petrol and driving off.

The figures are from the latest Home Office recorded crime and outcomes data for the year from October 2015 to September 2016.

South Bucks' figures for 2016 are slightly up on the 364 instances recorded in the area over the same period the year before.

The district recorded the highest rate in England and Wales - nearly five times the national average.

Across the two countries there were more than 69,000 cases of people making off without payment - one instance for every 838 people living here.

Elsewhere in Bucks, people in Wycombe were second most likely to bill-dodge with an analysis of the figures revealing one in every 422 people did a runner.

Meanwhile, people in Aylesbury Vale seem to be much better at footing the bill, with people only avoiding paying a total of 161 times - once for every 1,172 people in the area.

And an analysis of the data for the year reveals that Chiltern only recorded one crime of "making off without payment" per 995 people.

Nowhere across the two countries had absolutely zero cases of people doing a runner on a payment, but people in North Kesteven, Lincolnshire, do seem to be much better at footing the bill.

There were just 20 cases of people avoiding paying for something - one for every 5,594 people in the area.

The maximum sentence for the crime is two years in prison.