STATUES of the Olympic mascots Wenclock and Mandeville will be popping up around South Bucks today to drum up support for the Games.

A six foot Wenlock statue is going up in Gerrards Cross, and a Mandeville statue has been given pride of place outside the Beaconsfield Town Hall.

The statues are intended to get the local community more involved in the Games, and leave an Olympic legacy for the area.

Manager of the Bucks County Council 2012 programme team Ian Barham has been travelling around dropping off the statues today (Wednesday, July 25).

He said: "We have 12 statues to put up in South Bucks, we have the one each in Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross and Burnham, two in Maidenhead, two in Windsor and four in Slough.

"As soon as we dropped them off people were taking their picture with them. It's all about building up excitement."

After the Olympics and Paralympic Games are over the statues will be removed, but Mr Barham hopes to find them a more permanent home locally.

He said: "A school could adopt them or a club, they'll stay in the area."

Have you spotted Wenlock or Mandeville? Send in your snaps to with your name and where you spotted them.

Thanks to Sharon Hewitt @Chiltern1, Lauren Selby @lolliseb and Clem Silverman @ClemSilverman for the photos they sent.