A police officer was sacked from Thames Valley Police on Friday (June 9) after “bullying” a woman when she was parked on private land.

PC Neil Bevan, based in Amersham , was dismissed without notice after a misconduct hearing found he had breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour.

On August 11, 2016, PC Bevan stopped a member of the public in her vehicle whilst it was on private land and “threatened to seize the vehicle”.

He took the woman’s keys and instructed another officer to move the vehicle whilst he issued the woman with a traffic offence report.

The panel, held at Thames Valley Police’s Headquarters in Kidlington, found that PC Bevan did not consider whether he had a proper basis for doing so and he did not explain to the driver his reasons either.

He gave the impression he would report her to the DVLA and/or take further regulatory action against her and did not inform her when he changed his mind.

On top of this, it was proved that his manner when interacting with the woman was “abrupt, rude, bullying and/or lacking in respect and courtesy”.

The officer was dismissed after he was found to have breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour and the Schedule to the Police (Conduct) Regulations 2012 in relation to Authority, Respect, and Courtesy.

Following the hearing, Deputy Chief Constable John Campbell said the behaviour of PC Bevan “fell far below” the standards expected of officers.

He said: “We expect all of our officers to uphold high standards of behaviour and to treat the public with respect at all times, and any allegations of behaviour that do not meet those standards are rigorously investigated.

“In this instance, PC Bevan’s actions fell far below the standards of what we, and most importantly the public, expect of police officers."