Sheikh Yasser al-Habib spent £2million buying a former evangelical church in Fulmer and turning it into a mosque which is also the base for his satellite TV channel Fardak TV.

Now Ofcom has revealed it cannot stop the cleric’s broadcasts, which have been said to stir up conflict between al-Habib’s Shia sect and rival Sunni Muslims.

Fardak TV is registered with Ofcom but its broadcasts cannot be controlled by it because they are shown abroad.

Al-Bahib’s broadcasts have celebrated the death of one of the Sunni Islam’s revered figures, and two years ago Ofcom investigated the preacher after it was revealed he suggested prophet Muhammad’s successor was gay.

He also referred to Muhammad’s wife Aisha as an ‘enemy of God’.

The preacher, was also jailed in Kuwait for insulting the Sunni’s faith last year.

Labour MP Khalid Mahmood, who is a Muslim, has spoken out saying both Shia and Sunni Muslims do not want to be associated with al-Habib and called his rhetoric ‘10 times worse’ than Salman Rushdie’s novel The Satanic Verses.

The verses prompted death threats from Islamic extremists.

He said: “If somebody was being anti-Semitic, we would take action. If somebody was being racist we would take action - even if it was an Asian person having a go at a black person. And it’s quite right to do that. 

“Because this is seen as intra-faith, nobody seems to be bothered. It is already causing problems in the Gulf and the Middle East. It will start to bubble up here as well.”