No HS2 station has been planned for Aylesbury due to a 'weak business case', Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has said.

Mtr McLoughlin was replying to a question by the Aylesbury MP David Lidington who asked why a station was not considered for the town.

"I understand that many people along the line of route would like an intermediate HS2 station to serve their communities," Mr McLoughlin said. "Options for an intermediate station between London and the West Midlands were first considered prior to the 2012 route announcement. However, due to the weakness of the business case, no intermediate stations, at Aylesbury or elsewhere, were included in the proposed route for the hybrid Bill.

"There are no plans to revisit an Aylesbury station proposal at this time."

The irony of the proposal is that most campaigners in Buckinghamshire are campaigning for the project to be scrapped altogether.