LIVE performances will help breathe life back into Chesham's high street, people believe.

There have been calls for regular live music and theatre performances in Chesham, which campaigners believe will help bring more people into the town.

Fred Wilson, a town councillor and vice-chairman of Chesham Chamber of Trade and Commerce, would be happy to see musicians and other performers in the town’s high street at least once a week.

“What’s life without music and what’s a town centre without music?

“If we want to bring life to the town centre, what better way to do it than having music and performing arts?” he said. 

“It’s a big hit at Christmas in Chesham but why have it only once a year? Why not at least every weekend or even every market day?

“People are up for it and there’s a lot of incredible talent in Chesham, it’s just a case of finding a way of bringing it to the high street.”

Better Chesham is also keen to introduce regular live performances in the high street, and has invited Chinese music and dancers to its Street Market this weekend. It is also hoping to get power sockets installed in the clock tower so that equipment such as amplifiers can be plugged in.

Co-founder Mick Carling said: “We’re all for it. It’s about the high street being a social hub for the town’s people.

“In the summer particularly, the high street should be thrumming with people and one way to do that is with music and theatre and things going on for people to enjoy.”

The producer of Chesham jazz band Soundproof, Wendy Ringsell, agrees.

“It’d breathe life into the town. Soundproof play in Hemel’s high street and the market traders say more people come into the town if they know they’re playing,” she said.

The newly elected chairman of Chesham Chamber of Commerce, Vee Bharakda, said: “I think it’s a very good idea on days that the local produce market is here. It would really boost spirits.

“I think people would come once a month to see it, but once a week would be ‘the same old same old’.”

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