MP Cheryl Gillan has reminded the treasury that no compensation package for HS2 has been announced, despite it being four years into the project.

Mrs Gillan spoke during the debate on the Budget in the House of Commons yesterday.

The MP for Chesham and Amersham challenged the Government about the determination to continue with HS2, saying that Institute of Directors’ members do not think the project is a transport priority. She also reminded Treasury Ministers that no compensation package has yet been announced, 4 years into the project.

“This is shameful,” Cheryl Gillan said.

Her comments come as comedian John Bishop released an anti-HS2 video mocking the project.

Mrs Gillan welcomed the main provisions of the Budget, in lowering taxes, freeing pensioners from having to buy annuities, and trying to return a savings culture to the UK.

She also praised the business provisions saying that the energy intensive industries would be pleased with their continuing relief and that the UK had now recorded the strongest export growth in The European Union in 2013 outstripping every other large economy by a wide margin.

She also welcomed some tax relief provisions on methanol based fuels which she has been working on with a constituency company Zero-M. These low emission fuels could revolutionise our transport industry.