Since the vote to leave the EU, there has been a massive spike in people born abroad on the receiving end of hate crime and racial discrimination within the United Kingdom.

Police have said the number of hate crime recorded has spiked by 42 per cent since the vote to leave in June when compared to last year.

The University of Buckingham has said it maintains a strong stance against any form of racism with most international students in the university not experiencing any racial discrimination at all.

In spite of what is happening across Britain, Buckingham and the university remains culturally inclusive.

Alistair Alcock

But with tensions rising nationally, the police have urged members of the public or anyone who may have been a victim of a hate crime to make a police report.

A total of 3,076 incidents were recorded across the country between 16 and 30 June – an increase on the 915 reports recorded over the same period in 2015.

The National Police Chiefs' Council, which released the data , found the majority of offences seen during the two-week period were “primarily harassment, common assault and other violence”.

This report was prepared by the journalism students of the University of Buckingham as part of a new joint venture with getbucks.