More than 50 pigs, goats and chickens face eviction in a dispute over the tenancy of the land that has been their home for two years.

Kew Little Pigs - home to 56 pigs , three goats and some chickens - must leave Stampwell Farm in Beaconsfield on Friday (February 24).

Olivia Mikhail, owner of the micropig breeding farm, has rented the land from Latimer Minster Church of England since 2014.

But the church says Miss Mikhail has breached the terms of her tenancy agreement and must go - a claim she denies.

Kew Little Pigs micropigs at Stampwell Farm, London Road, Beaconsfield. Olivia Mikhail and a piglet.

Now Miss Mikhail, 35, faces a battle to rehome her animals but is adamant she wants to stay and that she has done nothing wrong.

She said: "Our pigs are going to be evicted with nowhere to go. It's an awful thing."

Last year the two parties entered into discussions to renew the lease after it expired in June.

But the church said that Miss Mikhail was not using the land for agricultural purposes as was previously agreed and in November gave Kew Little Pigs three months to find a new home.

Kew Little Pigs micropigs at Stampwell Farm, London Road, Beaconsfield. Scarlet and her piglets.

Miss Mikhail, from Seer Green, believes the problems lay in the fact the farm receives visitors as part of the business, offering tours and pig adoption services.

She said: “I can’t tell you the sleepless nights I’ve had in the last couple of months.

“It’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Kew Little Pigs micropigs at Stampwell Farm, London Road, Beaconsfield. Amy Coward feeds some of the micropigs.

Kew Little Pigs is one of the top micro-pig breeding farms in the UK, having started from the back garden of Miss Mikhail’s London home.

More than £100,000 has been poured into developing the farm and now Miss Mikhail is at a loss over what to do.

She said: “Lots of people love our pigs. Everybody is really concerned about what’s going to happen.

“We don’t have enough time to find somewhere new and we don’t have the money to develop somewhere new.”

Velvet and her piglets at feeding time

A spokeperson for the church said: “We’re not renewing their licence because there has been some breaches in the contract and the solicitors are mediating.”

The spokesperson added the farm had been given ‘adequate’ time to find somewhere new.

When pressed on the issues raised by Miss Michail they said: “They need to come and have those conversations with us.

“We’re more than happy to do that. We’ve got nothing against Kew Little Pigs.”

Kew Little Pigs micropigs at Stampwell Farm, London Road, Beaconsfield. L-R: Amy Coward, Olivia Mikhail and a resting micropig Patrick.

Speaking about Friday they said: “We’re not saying what exactly is happening.

“That’s not for us, it’s in the hands of our solicitors.

“We will just continue, without harming the pigs, to ask them to leave.

“We’re not renewing the tenancy, we’re expecting them to move on Friday.

“If that hasn’t happened we will review that situation with our solicitors. We will take legal advice.

“We have asked them to leave and I expect them to have vacated.

“We will be reviewing the situation on Friday.”