Bosses at a micropig breeding farm are celebrating after finding a new home for their animals just weeks after they faced homelessness.

Kew Little Pigs - which houses more than 56 pigs, some goats and chickens - faced eviction from their Beaconsfield home of two years and had until the end of March to find somewhere new.

In a race against time, owner Olivia Mikhail signed a new contract with Copas Farms on March 29 and on Tuesday (April 18) moved the micropig breeding farm into the new 3.6 acre site in Old Amersham.

She said: "We're so relieved. It's a weight off our shoulders because we were so concerned about the pigs for so long, and where we were going to go and how we were going to survive without having an income.

"We're relieved and excited and really looking forward to making it up to our customers."

Miss Mikhail had been renting Stampwell Farm from the Latimer Minster Church of England since 2014.

Last year the two parties entered into discussions to renew the lease after it expired in June.

The church claimed she breached terms in the lease and in November gave Kew Little Pigs until February 24 to find a new home.

Miss Mikhail denied the church's claim but unable to find somewhere new, her farm was repossessed by bailiffs and she was given until the end of March to rehome them - or they would be removed.

Kew Little Pigs have found a new home in Old Amersham

After months of searching and negotiation Miss Mikhail signed a new contract and moved her animals to the Old Amersham Farm earlier this week.

She said: "There was a point where I was considering giving up - it was draining.

"But now we just feel renewed.

"I just feel energised now now that I've had a bit of a break, and we're ready to get back into it.

"We're ready to put the whole thing behind us. We're just going to be positive about the future and get back on out feet."

Unable to operate her business during this time, Miss Mikhail says this dispute has nearly bankrupted her.

She has launched a Go Fund Me page to raise funds to help towards her farm, building improvements and accessibility for disabled people.

Visit her page for more information.