FROM outer space to cyberspace – is it so ‘out there’ to write a mass-participation UFO story?

Last week, the Advertiser told how recent reports of UFOs in, around and over Chalfont St Giles were in fact the beginning of an online tale, organised to try to get as many people as possible to contribute.

The ‘blogostory’ is being run through social network site Twitter, and anyone can write their own paragraph.

The site says the story begins with an alien craft spotted over Chalfont St Giles before it is chased by military jets. The alien pilot abandons his craft and goes on the run through the village. But what happens next – and the ultimate fate of the lost extra-terrestrial – is up to readers-turned-writers.

The alien also has a Twitter account for him to tell people his thoughts and feelings as he remains on the run near to the village.

In one recent posting, he says: “Soldiers were out last night looking for me with dogs and helicopters. One dog found me but I scared it off. Must sleep now.”

Another reads: “One of you humans found me sleeping in a shed. The man pointed a small device at me, so I ran into the woods. Your world is so strange.”

The story is now open – go to to add your paragraph.

* Are you going to have a go? Please send a copy of your contribution to